• Customer FAQ
  • 1. About JumiaPay
  • 1.1. What is JumiaPay?

    JumiaPay is a free online payment service that enables you to make payments online securely, instantly, and cost-effectively.

  • 1.2. Why should I use JumiaPay?

    Using JumiaPay is simply the safest and easiest way to pay on Jumia Ventures. It is faster than any other payment method: you can use JumiaPay without entering your payment details each time. It’s hassle-free.

    JumiaPay works to keep your data safe with a security system that adheres to the highest safety and security standards.

  • 1.3. What happens if anything goes wrong with my delivery?

    If anything goes wrong, if what is delivered is not what you expected (wrong size, color,…) you’ll get a refund within the shortest possible period. Even better, our customer protection offers you faster refund if you return products to Jumia within the 7-day return period.

  • 1.4. How secure are JumiaPay transactions?

    JumiaPay is committed to using the best commercially available technology and procedures to protect the security of your online transactions.

    You control your transactions using 2 steps: Strong Jumia password and a one-time verification code sent by your bank to your registered phone number.

  • 1.5. How private are JumiaPay transactions?

    Protecting the privacy of our users is of the highest priority for JumiaPay. Merchants will never see your financial information, such as your credit card or bank account numbers. When you send money using JumiaPay, the only information we share is to help you completing your customer journey. Please review our Privacy Policy for further information.

  • 1.6. Where can I shop with JumiaPay?

    JumiaPay is currently available on Jumia Ventures. We will be adding more merchants regularly, and invite you to check back soon on our homepage.

  • 1.7. How to contact us?

    For any enquiry, please contact Jumia Customer Service. They will answer your question or redirect your to our JumiaPay customer care platform. [email protected] or 01 4604400, 0700 6000 000

  • 2. Register
  • 2.1. How do I sign-up for JumiaPay?

    Registering with JumiaPay could not be easier - pay online on Jumia once and your account will be created.

    Make your purchase on Jumia and enter your personal details at checkout,

    Choose JumiaPay, select the bank transfer and pick a bank from the menu,

    You can also select the Card option and input the necessary details.

    Secure your account with a JumiaPay password.

    To confirm your payment, your bank will send you a one-time password on your registered phone number connected to your bank account.

  • 2.2. My Account doesn't work.

    The first time you pay with Jumiapay, we save your e-mail address on your Jumia account, and ask you to save a password. This password can be different from Jumia’s. Making a first payment with JumiaPay will allow account creation.

  • 2.3. I've forgotten my password.

    • Go to Login page to access login page.

    • Click on ‘Forgot your password’ button.

    • Enter your email address.

    • An email will be sent to you with a link to reset your password.

  • 3. Payment Instrument
  • 3.1. How to add a new bank account/debit card?

    Adding a payment instrument is easy, and only a one-time setup. Do it once, and every other time, you won’t need to enter your details again.

    To add a new bank account/debit card, please follow the steps:

    Shop on Jumia and chose JumiaPay at checkout,

    Select “Bank transfer” or “Card” option.

    Fill the required details correctly and verify to make sure the transaction doesn’t fail.

    Enter your Jumia password to secure your account and be assured you don’t need to enter the payment instrument details anymore.

    You’ll receive a one-time password sent by your bank to your phone. Fill the space to validate. If anything goes wrong, please refer to the verification step below.

  • 3.2. My Bank is not in the list

    All available banks listed. If your bank doesn’t appear in the list, please try another bank account or your debit card. We are working hard to ensure that all Nigerian banks are functional on JumiaPay as soon as possible.

  • 3.3. My bank account doesn’t work

    Please verify you typed your 10 digits NUBAN code. Our system doesn’t recognize other codes. Then verify as well that the name you typed is the same than your bank account’s one. Our system only works with a perfect match of names and accounts. If it still doesn’t work, then call your bank. Please note that transactions with not enough sufficient funds won’t be processed.

  • 3.4. Can I add more than one bank account/debit card?

    You can add as many payment instrument as you want. You will always have the choice between bank transfer and card option.

  • 4. Payment Verification
  • 4.1. An error message appears after I click “Pay Now”

    In the case something went wrong with your bank or don’t have sufficient funds to process the payment, we cannot operate the transaction. Please select another bank account to confirm the order or choose a different payment method.

  • 4.2. Do I need to enable internet banking to authorize any payment?

    Never. Every time you make a payment, your bank sends you a one-time password to confirm the payment. While adding this password on JumiaPay verification screen, you authorize your bank to process the payment.

  • 4.3. I don’t receive any confirmation code on my phone

    You need the phone number you connected to your bank account. You can call your bank to know what phone is related to your account, or simply try to change your SIM if you don’t receive any password. Please make sure you also have access to network and don’t hesitate to click on “resend one-time password” if you face any network issue.

  • 4.4. Can I process a payment later if I don't have my phone?

    For security reasons, you always need to use a secure code sent by your bank on your phone to confirm your payment. You can’t proceed to payments if you don’t have your phone next to you, with the simcard you registered at your bank. Please contact your bank to know what phone number is related to your account.

  • 4.5. Can I update my phone on JumiaPay?

    Unfortunately, for security reasons, we operate with the phone number you connected to your bank.

  • 4.6. My order is still loading, do I need to refresh?

    Please do not refresh the page. If something goes wrong you will receive appropriate error message on your screen.

  • 4.7. When is my order confirmed?

    Order is confirmed after you enter the one-time password in the system. Jumiapay sends confirmation e-mails for each purchase. Please verify your mailbox. If you didn’t receive an email, check your spam box. Our customer service will investigate and get back to you if you still notice anything wrong.

    Customer service from Jumia will call you anyway to make sure your order is confirmed, and cancel it if you made any mistake.

  • 4.8. I don’t have a JumiaPay account, but I have a transaction on my bank account statement from JumiaPay that I don’t recognize

    If you suspect that an unauthorized transaction has been made from your account, you should always contact your bank or credit card company to block the account number against further potential unauthorized charges. Please also contact us through our Contact Us page so that our dedicated staff can take the right action to help you.

  • 4.9. Can I use other promotions with JumiaPay?

    Most promotions and vouchers can perfectly be paired with JumiaPay. Nevertheless JumiaPay cannot be paired with specific promotions offered by other payment methods on Jumia or other shops. However, we are constantly working to give you the best promotions and deals with JumiaPay. Check our homepage for current campaigns.

  • 5. Customer Protection
  • 5.1. What is customer protection?

    If anything goes wrong, your order didn’t arrive, is damaged or if products don’t match the website description, you will get reimbursed in the next 24 hours. Eligible purchases only.

  • 5.2. When is customer protection available?

    Customer protection is always available on delivery if you paid via JumiaPay. If you accepted the order, you’re still protected for up to 15 days as long as your product: is not among the ineligible list, doesn’t match the description or is a fake, doesn’t work properly.

  • 5.3. What is the ineligible list?

    Products not purchased with JumiaPay.

    Products not matching the Jumia refund policy.

  • 5.4. How long will it take me to get refunded?

    If you return your products instantly after delivery, you will be refunded within the shortest possible period.

  • 5.5. How much is my refund going to be?

    100% with no money transfer fee.

  • 5.6. Where will I receive my refund?

    Refunds will be automatically sent back to your bank account.

  • 5.7. Who should I contact in order to get a refund?

    To get a refund, you should contact the venture you purchased the good first. Once the Shop processes your request, you will get a confirmation message from JumiaPay. Please note that it may take some time for your refund to appear on your account.

  • 6. My JumiaPay Account
  • 6.1. Can I access my transactions history?

    Please connect to your JumiaPay account here with your phone and e-mail address you used on Jumia.

  • 6.2. How do I edit my profile?

    Edit profile steps need to be changed:

    • Log in with your username and password

    • Go to "Profile" and click on "EDIT ACCOUNT"

    • Enter your new information, then click "SEND" to save any changes you have made.

  • 6.3. Can I use an email address registered with another JumiaPay account?

    Your email address can only be registered with one JumiaPay account and you cannot add additional email addresses to your JumiaPay account.

  • 6.4. With what phone number can I pay with JumiaPay?

    You need the phone number registered to your bank account.

  • 6.5. Why is JumiaPay sending me emails/calling me?

    To provide the best service, we have to collect some information about you and your order. This is why we find it necessary to contact you when information is missing (e.g. when your address cannot be found) or if we find suspicious behavior on your account. All of this is done to make sure that your account is safe and you do not experience any problems while shopping with us. If you do not respond to our emails or calls, your order may be cancelled.

  • 6.6. How can I close my JumiaPay account?

    If you would like to close your JumiaPay account, please visit our Contact Us page and a member of our customer service team will assist you.