• Disputes Information for Customers


    Your safety is our highest priority. Using the most advanced technology, we ensure your information is always protected. Your financial information is only used to process payments, and never passed on to any other parties, especially not merchants on JumiaPay’s platform.

    Real-Time Risk Monitoring

    All activities on JumiaPay are monitored around the clock. Our real-time risk monitoring platform analyses all user behavior, and our dedicated fraud team reviews all suspicious activity.

    Fraud Prevention

    If you notice anything suspicious - from emails, messages or calls claiming to be from JumiaPay to activities on your account that you can not explain, or you were charged for a transaction that you did not make - contact us immediately by Raising your Dispute.

    After an internal investigation, we will fully compensate any unauthorized transactions that were made with your JumiaPay account.

    Please note that JumiaPay will never ask for your password or full financial information (like a credit card number) via email, text message or on the phone.

    Disputing Transactions

    If you did not receive an item you ordered, or if it was damaged or significantly different from what was promised, we have your back. Contact us immediately, but if possible 14 days after receiving the item at the latest, by Raising your Dispute.

    Depending on the outcome of our investigation, we will reimburse you up to the full purchase price plus the original shipping costs

    For our investigation to be successful, we may require your help. Please make sure that you watch out for emails from JumiaPay in case we need additional information or documentation from you. (As a reminder: JumiaPay will never ask for your password or full financial information (like a credit card number) via email, text message or on the phone.)

    You are protected if ...

    • You received the wrong item
    • You ordered an original item (not a replica), but the item you received is counterfeit
    • The item was damaged during transport
    • The shipment was incomplete, and the merchant did not advise you beforehand
    • You did not receive the correct number of items, and the merchant did not advise you beforehand
    • You were charged a higher amount than shown on your invoice

    JumiaPay Protection may not apply if …

    • You exchanged goods in person directly with the Merchant, and not via a delivery service
    • You bought motorized machines or vehicles
    • You ordered services or items custom-made or tailored for you
    • You bought vouchers, prepaid cards, airtime top-ups
    • You ordered perishables like fresh food
    • You used JumiaPay to order items that are in violation of our terms and conditions
    • You raised the dispute later than 60 days after the circle transaction
    • You used JumiaPay for donations or to send money
    • The items and terms of delivery were correctly described by the merchant, and you have changed your mind about the transaction
    Raising Your Dispute

    Generally, we suggest that you contact the merchant first - in many cases, a misunderstanding can be resolved this way the easiest. If this does not solve your problem, we are here to help. Contact us at [email protected].

    Please include as much supporting information as possible, for example:

    • JumiaPay Reference Number
    • A copy or screenshot of the merchant’s invoice or order confirmation
    • If available, the tracking- or waybill number of the delivery service

    Under no circumstances send us confidential information:

    • Do not send your full debit / credit card number, or a photo of the card, or other full financial information
    • Do not send your password
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